About APE Pumps

We have developed unique skills which are manifested in the design and manufacture of pumps specifically engineered to suit all conditions. We have the internationally recognised ISO 9000 accreditation which includes a complete calibration and various test facilities to cover all aspects of our manufacturing processes.

Pumps and spares are being supplied to many institutions and industries, including:-
In every aspect of our business, we are now able to respond even faster than ever before to changing client needs. This is true not only for our consulting expertise, orders processing and delivery levels, but also for after sales service including maintenance, repairs and spare parts supply. In addition, we have carved a niche for ourselves with customer orientated documentation and professional software.

By offering service levels that are unprecedented in the marketplace, we have made a total commitment to remaining a top company in all areas of our operation.

APE Pumps UK Ltd has the design technology, which was made available to us from certain overseas suppliers. Engineering skills and capability, which has been developed over the years in design and manufacture of various pumps which, suit the local conditions.

APE Pumps UK Ltd has the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2000 including 14001: 1996 accreditation, which includes a complete calibration and test facility to cover all aspects of its manufacturing processes.
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